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free software

Person sitting atop dream cloud.

Agaric 2018 Year in Review - Expanding the Open Web, Building the Solidarity Economy

Despite the challenges and setbacks we all experienced in 2018, we're grateful for what we accomplished and resolve to fight even harder for the free and open web in 2019.

People standing next to giant icons for productivity.

Daily Business Operations Using Free Software

An overview of the free software tools we use to run our business.

Three illustrated faces.

The Need for Accountable Technology

Free/Open Source Software is a refreshing an alternative to proprietary technology, but still reflects many of these same oppressive relationships. We can change that with accountability.

Global Training Day Drupal logo

Agaric is Leading a Full Day Training for the 2017 Global Drupal Training Day

Join us for a whole day's worth of Drupal goodness.

Image of people representing many cultures

Visualizing and Growing Diversity in Software Communities

If you cannot visualize it, chances are you cannot realize or actualize it. How can people build their vision of a diverse community?

"Remaking worker representation" slide in front of full small auditorium

Putting Powerful Platforms under Cooperative Control

Several hundred people gathered to talk about the problems of an online economy reliant on monopoly, extraction, and surveillance—and discuss how to build a "cooperative Internet, built of platforms owned and governed by the people who rely on them."

Richard Stallman and Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky and Richard Stallman - Meeting One

Richard Stallman and Noam Chomsky met for the first time.

Richard Stallman speaks at NYC Camp

We are the Mothers and Fathers of Future Freedoms

If there are two people on planet Earth that truly understand freedom and human rights, I believe it would be Noam Chomsky and Richard Stallman.