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A crowd of people in Washington DC protests for the rights of Muslim immigrants and refugees in the US.

Election-first organizing is failing us

Election-first organizing is failing us.  We need to move to movement-first organizing.

People sharing a pizza.

Show and Tell with Agaric - Sharing Work with Other Coops

Agaric hosts a weekly Show and Tell to share tips and tricks, but this week we had a presentation on how cooperative developers can share work on projects.

Man's staring face besides the words "Big Brother is watching YOU"

Resources for Preventing the Digital World of Nineteen Eighty-Four

For those inspired by Micky's keynote at NERD Summit or LibrePlanet 2019, or who think they'd have been inspired if they'd been there, here are resources for working for a world, digital and non-digital, with freedom and personal power.

Cropped screenshot from a cell phone with the word grocery prominent and "Yelpers report this location has closed"

The Short, Sad Life of Wirth Grocery

Wirth Grocery's failure to act as a cooperative—with its own existence at stake—is upsetting.  Cooperatives are one of the few spaces where people have a chance to take collective control of something that matters to them.

Howard Brodsky CCA

Co-op Revenue - $243.2 billion - International Summit of Cooperatives 2016 - Quebec

The International Summit of Cooperatives proved that coop movement is international and growing.

"Remaking worker representation" slide in front of full small auditorium

Putting Powerful Platforms under Cooperative Control

Several hundred people gathered to talk about the problems of an online economy reliant on monopoly, extraction, and surveillance—and discuss how to build a "cooperative Internet, built of platforms owned and governed by the people who rely on them."

Worc'n Holiday Party - Agaric Worker/Owner Meetup

The Worc'n Holiday Party

On a cold December night, we met at the Industry Lab to celebrate the Worcn group and our membership in the cooperatives we belong to.

A Yard and a Half Landscaping Cooperative - Agaric Worker/Owner Meetup

An Evening of Cooperatives and a Half

The CEO of A Yard and a Half Landscaping Cooperative shared her experience transitioning her company to a cooperative.


New Worker Cooperative Meetup Series Kicked Off

Gonzalo Chomon of EvoVelo, a Spanish cooperative presented at the very first worker cooperative meetup in Boston.

BarCamp signup board.

BarCamp9 in Boston - What a Trip!

BarCamp9 in Boston was an excellent place to learn about lots of projects going on - not only in tech but beyond.